Get to know Thespians Anonymous

Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm!

Last year we got acquainted with the Thespians at Katos! through their interpretation of the musical classic Cell Block Tango from Chicago and a scene from Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. This year they are back with some completely different stuff.

Their first piece In Between is a devised physical theatre performance revolving around the themes of home and belonging. The second one named Outside is a play by the young Indian actor and writer Shaurya Singh.

The pieces are both directed by actress and teacher Anna Olkinuora who will also lead a physical theatre workshop at the festival.

In Between


on Wednesday 15 June at 8 pm

Directed by Anna Olkinuora

What does it mean to be at home? To belong somewhere? Is your home a space or the people around you? Does belonging somewhere or to something restrict you or does it give you freedom to be yourself?

For those who live far away from the place of birth, the question, “Where are you from?” is not always an easy one to answer. Once you have moved away you will always find yourself In Between. A one-act physical theatre performance is designed and devised during the rehearsals by the actors themselves. The ideas of “home” and “belonging” will be interpreted through the interactions, emotions and moves of the actors.

Stella Giota
Jiakun Wang
Katia Shklyar
Manthoula Bountri
Slavina Petrova
Rita Papoutsaki
Ilse Ybarra

Language: multilingual 
Duration: appr. 45 minutes
Tickets: 3–10 €, voluntary amount

In Between


by Shaurya Singh on Thursday 16 June at 8 pm

Directed by Anna Olkinuora

We live our lives in certain routine circles. We move around, back and forth, inside some system, sometimes not even realizing where and why. We are afraid to take the first step and break through the circle, even when we cannot endure the situation. We are waiting for something, or someone, to give a solution or solve the problem.

But do we have a problem? Are we actually inside a circle or a box? Who are we waiting for? Try to find the answers through the witty and discrepant dialogues of nine lost characters.

Edgar - Rita Papoutsaki
Tina - Maria Bayat
Claire - Gloria De Felice
Samuel - Nicolas Herbatschek
Freda - Manthoula Bountri
Jim - Roberto Blanco Raitasuo
Terminator - Jiakun Wang
Abe, Luis - Ilse Ybarra

Language: English
Duration: appr. 35 minutes
Tickets: 3–10 €, voluntary amount


Thespians Anonymous is a multicultural amateur theatre group based in Helsinki, Finland. The theatrical society has operated since 1999 and currently has approximately 45 active members. The repertory of the group spans from comedy and drama to children's plays and musical theatre. The society believes in equal opportunities and its members are encouraged to try new drama activities from acting to writing.